Mama Shelter Business



Imagined by the Trigano family (co-founder of Club Med), each MAMA SHELTER have been designed by Philippe Starck.
This is a lively place that welcomes you with opened arms for your meetings.
The experience MAMA SHELTER has to be lived. Much more than a place to eat and sleep, it is an experience made of unique meetings and sharing for everyone.
It is a shelter against the outside world assaults, cozy and warm, comforting and kind, happy and blissful, so many reasons to be part of Mama.


MAMA’s universe is not just reserved to “carpe diem” addicted. For the most serious of you, MAMA SHELTER provides several workplaces, small or huge, where it is possible to combine reflection and escape.
Our Ateliers are the opposite of classic meeting rooms!
All at day lights, they are equipped with LED screens, paperboard, nespresso coffee machine, flexible settings, a baby foot here, and a poolroom or a photobooth there!
These clever and unique meeting spaces claim loud and clear the values of MAMA.


The rooms, entirely decorated by Philippe Starck, are following a design that has now become an identity: printed carpet, cartoons masks, mirrors and light head boards.
Mama loves things simple, honest and a little bit hip. You can find in every rooms:
- 100% cotton satin smooth sheets
- 27” iMac or 40” LED screens
- FREE Internet and Wifi
- FREE Movies on Demand
- Minibar
- Safe deposit box
- Desk
We also have for our groups rooms with double bed (160cmx200cm) or 2 single beds (80cmx200cm).


Signed by Starck, the space is not prisoner design. It is functional and simple as a wink.
The chefs propose a simple and tasty cuisine, inspired by traditions so you can feel just like home.

Dishes are to share, and this is an important concept for MAMA. In group, we enjoy delicious traditional dishes on slates or in casseroles, and Pyrex ® plates.
Our signature dishes are the Coquillette pastas with Mostellos ham, and soft-boiled egg, the steamed salmon, or our Mama’s big baba.


From Thursday to Saturday included, live bands or DJ warm up the restaurant.


This is a small or a huge tribe!
From 10 rooms and/or a study day and/or a residential meeting.
Emails for less than 10 rooms have to be sent to the individual reservations team:

Emails for groups of more than 9 persons for only lunch or dinner at the restaurant have to be sent to:


The Events service.
You can call us from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 7:00pm at +33 (0)1 75 44 00 00 or by email at


24 hours (working day).
Mama is doing as quickly as possible! In a first place, we ask you to send us an email at, giving us the maximum of information:
- Who are you?
- For what occasion do you gather?
- The dates that you would wish to book
- Your needs
- The proceeding
- Your budget
If necessary, we will contact you by phone to discuss together about you project.
You will then receive a quote in the next 24 hours (working day).
You can also make an online request for a quote on our website


A quote is a proposal that we send you after your request.
This quote can be modified if you have to make changes (services, number of persons, prices,...).
A quote does not mean option!
We make a quote based on availability and prices at the moment when we send the email.
We do not reserve the spaces systematically.
If you want to reserve the spaces to have a time of reflection, please ask it to our Events team.


We put an option further to your explicit request by email.
The end of the option will be announced in our answer to your email. At the end of the option, we put the spaces back to sale.
For information, an option may be renewable, but rates can change according to the evolution of the activity.


You confirm the quote received and the conditions of sale. We then send you a contract for you to sign and send us back in the following days.
Once the contract signed, your event is put in the care of our teams in the chosen MAMA and we give you the details of the local contact.


Between 3 weeks to 10 days before your event, the events coordinator in your selected MAMA will get in touch with you to establish a first contact and prepare your arrival.
We wish you a great stay!


“Internet” rates are the best available rates and are only bookable online. They require immediate and full prepayment at the time of the booking, and modifications, cancellation or refund are impossible.
We have only a few rooms at reduced rate.
Internet prices do not include breakfast either (17€ per person).
The more our occupation will increase, the more our prices will evolve.
Thus, the Group rate proposes a unique rate for all the rooms, which reflect an average of these rates.
Group terms offer more flexibility for cancellation (10 to 15% cancellation free of charges until 7 days before arrival), payment (staggered prepayment possible) and a special follow up of your event.
Also, Group rate does always include breakfast.