Mama Shelter Business

1, 2, 3 shake!

Become the new baristas by creating your own cocktails! The "Coupe Scott" will become your best friends. The craziest of you will probably try the Flair Bartending.

The Love Boat

Immerse yourself in the city and explore the alluring charm of each quarter by boat, your private boat! Discover Lyon, the Ile Barbe, the Confluence, the Berges, by the river, without any physical efforts.

Do your own cinema!

Since 1982, the Institut Lumière has had its home in the heart of Monplaisir disctrict.Lumière brothers invented the Cinématographe where, they shot the first film in the history of the cinema : "Sortie d'Usine", in 1895. Different spirit, we propose you to visit "Le Bocal": this Gallery is dedicated to illustrations and graphic art.

Break the ice!

Be equiped and protected to slide along the ice as a real ice hockey skater. A coach will guide and help you to break the ice!


Here is the oldest traditional Japanese art of paper folding! From ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper", try to get them alive!

We Wii

Video games will offer you different universes (creative, sporting or cultural). No need to be an expert, just do it and enjoy!

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Mama Lyon

Mama Shelter Lyon is ideally located at 13, Rue Domer in the 7th arrondissement. Right in the centre of the Jean Macé district, the city's urban epicentre exudes an energy that reflects the Brooklyn of our dreams, Mama Shelter is set not far from the banks of the Rhône and only three metro stations from the Part-Dieu railway station. 25 minutes from the airport, right near the tram and on metro line B, Mama Shelter Lyon is practical and central and offers a new perspective on the city of lights.

13, rue Domer
69007 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 78 02 58 00
F +33 (0)4 78 02 58 02

Download subway & tramway map

By bus (Jean Macé)

C4, C7, C12, C14, 35, S3, Z16

By subway (Jean Macé)

Line B

By tramway (Jean Macé)


Centre des Congrès de Lyon (Cité Internationnale)


50 Quai Charles de Gaulle



Avenue Louis Blériot



4, bd Eugène Deruelle

La Sucrière


49-50 Quai Rambaud

La Halle Tony Garnier


20 Place docteurs Charles et Christophe Mérieux

Palais des Sports


350 Avenue Jean Jaurès

Stade de Gerland


353 Avenue Jean Jaurès