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Mama Prague is now open!

When you come to Prague, you will reach for everything.

You’ll want to prick your finger on every spire, wander up every crooked and cobbled street, let your eyes rise reverently up the stone cake of St. Vitus Cathedral, march straight up to Prague Castle and down to the Old Square, study each saintly face along the 800-year-old Charles Bridge, drinking a beer (or two) at every corner.

A thousand years undimmed, you want to run your hand along every stone to understand the absurd magic that makes the Czech capital so charming and curiously mischievous, a beauty that endures with wry humor. It doesn’t surprise you at all that Kafka came from here.
Don’t worry, we want you to reach for everything. Eat all the knedlíky and drink all the pivo, write your name on the Lennon Wall, and chase Prague’s magic deep into the night. And after you’ve crossed every bridge over the Vltava and set your last glass down, just know that at the end of the night, MAMA is waiting for you.

MAMA Shelter is a place to stay of course, everyone needs a bed to rest their heads.
MAMA is whatwe wished a hotel could be, more than just a mini-fridge and a king-sized bed. We want to make a sanctuary but an open one, an oases unseparated from the vibrant energy of a thrumming city. We want all the diverse characters that make Prague extraordinary that this isn’t just a place for partying stags and collegiate sightseers, but a place to live, work, laugh, debate, celebrate, and at the end of the night, to come home to MAMA. We want to make space for the hip playwrights and psychedelic rock bands of today’s Prague to freely mix with all the curious travellers, a living part of a vibrant city.

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VELETRŽNÍ 1502/20, 170 00 PRAHA 7 - Holešovice-Praha 7, Czechia

30 min away by car from Václav Havel Airport. 10mn away by transport to City center

International Press Contact
Emilie Delbos
T+33 (0)1 53 53 44 62

USA Press Contact
Lauren Hanafin
T+1 917 351 8613